The Forensic Experts’ and Jurists’ Association (FEJA) is a young non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in March 2011. The Association is a self-organizing, intellectual, professional environment, that brings together specialists and students of various areas of forensic science and jurisprudence to promote to the development of protected and secured society, informed of his rights and freedoms, to assist to the growth of qualification and professionalism of forensic experts and jurists in different spheres, to support to the enhancement of the rule of law and to the protection of human rights, to foster the development of democracy, good governance and justice.

Our website contains detailed information about the organisation, its current and future projects and events. We will provide you scientific, educational and other useful information in the spheres of jurisprudence and forensic science. We advise you to follow our website to be informed of  the developments in our professional field.

We wish you pleasant and effective work.
FEJA Administration